Embrace Your Community

Because I'm such a community junkie, I like to involve myself in as many communities as humanly (or super-humanly) possible. There's so much one can derive from jumping in and getting involved, whether in 'real life' or via the amazing interwebs. I genuinely appreciate when people pull together with a common passion, goal, or desire, and truly amazing things can result from combined efforts you see in these communities.

When I saw a Facebook event called sponsored by the Local First organization being held in Provo at the incredible Underground venue, I RSVP'd as quickly as my little finger-clicking would let me.

Local First is a non-profit organization that doesn't take radical measures to prevent or boycott big business, but simply provides awareness and education about the benefits of thinking about buying local first. Here's a quick look at how your local dollars impact your community.

While mingling at this event with my friends Jill Kaufusi and Jenny Eckton, we were introduced to a bright and warm woman named Kris Dews. Kris sat down at our little table and began telling us about her recent move from the Northwest to Sundance, Utah where she's bringing her passion for cooking, entertaining, and community to our backyard. She filled our minds with lovely ideas about supporting local efforts and how she was recognizing the emerging and amazing culture that Utah County is beginning to shine with. Within a few minutes she invited us to an upcoming dinner she was hosting (and cooking for) being held at La Nay Ferme in Provo. I was enchanted.

Honestly, prior to this conversation with Kris, I hadn't heard of La Nay Ferme, but I was intrigued and flattered to have been considered for an invite. A week or so later a lovely handmade invitation arrived in the mail along with a small embossed necklace which simply read "EYC" and proudly translated to Embrace Your Community.

On the evening of the event, my lovely date Jill picked me up and we made our way up the mountain in northeast Provo where we were soon greeted with the lovely view of a quaint and scenic farm.

Photos courtesy of La Nay Ferme's Blog

As we walked through the aisles (are they called aisles in a farm?) lined with small mason jars and candles, our walkway led to a breathtaking dining table and an even more amazing view.

We soaked in views like this.

We ate delicious things like this...

 and this...

and my very most favorite.... this....

 and the company was great. The food was incredible. The setting ideal.

I'm grateful for people like Kris Dews, her fellow Chef Victor Sandoval from Provo's Old Towne Grill, and La Nay Ferme founder and farmer Clinton Felsted.

I'm thankful for people that have so much passion oozing out of their very being that it rubs off a bit on us and even helps remind us a bit from time to time, what really matters in this life. These people support admirable causes that I respect greatly.

Inspired by these folks? Find out more by visiting the website for what Kris is doing, here. After that, pay a visit to the amazing Old Towne Grill in Provo, and lastly, but definitely not least(ly), take a minute to learn about La Nay Ferme and their mission to bring us better, fresher, and healthier fruits, veggies, and greens. You might be interested to know that they offer a CSA program, some volunteer opportunities, and even offer farm tours - not to mention that they're looking to provide people their amazing venue for future incredible dinners like we experienced.

 I love people with a cause. Don't hesitate to join theirs.

Learn more here:

Local First Utah: Website, on Twitter, and on Facebook
Kris Dews: Website
Old Towne Grill: Website, on Twitter, and on Facebook
La Nay Ferme: Website, on Twitter, and on Facebook

And - don't hesitate to join this cause by supporting this upcoming event:

Fabulous local fare will be provided by:
• Amour Spreads • Avenues Bistro on Third • Beehive Cheese • Black Sheep Cafe • Cafe Trio • Cafe Supernatural • Caffe Molise • Caffe Niche • Castle Creek Winery • Communal • Dolcetti Gelato • Finca • Fresco • Frida Bistro • Hell's Backbone Grill • Harmons • Liberty Heights Fresh • Market Street Grill • Mazza • Meditrina•  Pig & A Jelly Jar • Pizzeria 712• Red Iguana • Salt Lake Roasting Company • Station 22 Cafe • Squatters •Tin Angel Cafe •The Chocolate Conspiracy• Vida Tequila


  1. I love La Nay Ferme. What a lovely evening indeed. So glad you two had the chance to go up there and see what it's all about. It's one of my happy places.

  2. I can't wait to come back to this post and visit all the links when I have more time. :) Would love to be included in the local scene too, we love supporting our community.

    PS, since I can't comment with my name and URL you are going to see my other blog, but I post food type things on and community items there. :)

  3. I have been impressed with La Nay Ferme ever since my father-in-law, who lives in Provo, took his handheld video camera on a visit. And then my dear friend Lindsey over at Cafe Johnsonia started posting about her weekly goodies from the farm and I was hooked. Sadly, they are a bit of a drive for me to participate in their CSA program but I am dying to visit. Who knew a farm could be so enticing? And you know how much I love supporting local. If only they could start a La Nay Ferme in Sandy...

  4. You're so incredibly involved! I love it! Teach me your ways....

  5. That is one gorgeous farm...I can't believe it's even Provo! There seems to be an amazing food revolution happening around here the last few years & I love it! I'd absolutely love to work with La Ney Ferme someday.

  6. Thanks so much for the great post--that's awesome to know about. We'd be very interested in working with La Ney Ferme, it sounds like it's right up our alley! :) Thanks again!!

  7. oops, that last comment was supposed to come from naturesknockout, just in case you can't figure out who Tiffany is, lol! :)

  8. What a wonderful opportunity! I saw that you had liked the pages on facebook and had to check them out. I am always looking to support and promote local businesses. I would love to visit! (

  9. I live in Provo and didn't even know that place existed. It looks so beautiful. I love to promote local business so if I could be of help I would love to. ( -

  10. This is awesome!!! I love LOCAL!

  11. How is it that I've never even heard of La Ney Ferme?! The farm, the food, the weekly produce baskets- everything looks amazing. I'd love to collaborate on a project- I just browsed your site and have a lot of ideas! Contact me at utahdealdiva @ I also just launched a new food blog that is growing insanely fast I'd love to try out a recipe or two and link back to you in the post!

  12. What a brilliant setting! And that food, it looks decadent, like I just want to gobble it down right off my screen. Thanks for sharing.

  13. This is such a beatifully written post. The setting for this event is out of this world and it looks like the food was delicious too. Your post definitely made me think about purchasing food that is home grown. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.