A Summer Activity Schedule for the "Normal" Family

School ended Friday at our house. I successfully navigated the day without disappointing the excited kids in my life, but the day ended with an increased awareness that I had no viable plan to make it through the next 79 days without feeling like some sort of less-adequate parent.

Being a working mom is a challenge. Being a working mom that mostly works from home proves at times to be even more of a challenge, most specifically during the summer months. There's definitely a learning curve each year for all of us.

As I sit back and realize that summer vacation officially starts at my house tomorrow, I decided to create a quick plan of attack so I'm approaching the months with a brighter outlook and a more defined (but still incredibly loose) schedule.

I'm not gonna lie. Even putting together this loose of a plan has me a little intimidated since I have a deep love for flying by the seat of my pants (even now more than ever) but I feel like with this outline, at least I have a chance.

Need some ideas? I love that with an outline like this you can plan activities that take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Figure out what fits into your schedule for the day and pop it into your itinerary.

  • Mondays: Art projects, simple crafts, cooking projects, or basic meal prep. Maybe on Mondays you even let the kids make lunch for everyone.
  • Tuesdays: "Take a trip" to a local park you don't visit, take an extended walk, hike a local trail, or visit a local kid hot-spot. 
  • Wednesdays: Fill up the kiddie pool, run through the sprinklers, turn on the hose and let the kids wash your car, or even just arm your little ones with water guns. My kids may even get lucky and find themselves at a local pool a couple times this summer.
  • Thursdays: Browse Pinterest for a couple quick and inexpensive science projects, visit the library, or even print some age-appropriate workbook pages. 
  • Fridays: It's time for friends! Make some cookies, organize a simple afternoon picnic, or order a pizza. Sometimes it's easier to streamline all major 'play dates' into one day of the week so your kids are begging for elaborate events every single day. 
Think this may come in handy for your family, too? Feel free to download a PDF version of the Summer Schedule here


  1. Love your ideas! I splattered a bunch of ideas on our summer calendar - -but I like the organized element you have going on THANKS! Enjoy your summer.

  2. This sounds more like our summer! Hanging at the local parks or by the backyard kiddie pool! ;)