Choose Goodness

I believe in people. It's true.

I believe in goodness and don't like to hear things about how our world is becoming more apathetic and jaded. I figure you're going to find exactly what you're looking for, so why not focus on goodness?

Recently, I had a thought, and made this:

My husband sent me this video early today:

Inevitably I fell in love with it and watched it a few times. It's timely too, don't you think? I'm thankful this Thanksgiving week for parents that raised me to believe in good and for the example of service and love that they were for me through all of my life.

Choose goodness, okay?


  1. Great quote & great video...definitely a feel good way to start your day!

  2. Love this. I have spent the year working on RAOK as a "Happiness Project" to remind my family and me that happiness is a choice and we can do good! Thanks for sharing!