Good ol' 2012.

Good ol' 2012.

We're only 2 weeks in to the new year and I already feel behind with my life vs. the blogosphere. I'm not sure it's supposed to feel that way, but - what can you do.

2012 was sort of a big year, I'd say. Here are some highlights.

Fell in love with the Color Me Rad 5K when it came to Orem.

Found our new favorite camping location with Capitol Reef State Park

Attended Evo (a social media conference) for the first time. 
Participated in my very first Flash Mob, thanks to my lovely friend, Jenny Eckton.

Rode in a hot air balloon with the amazing Kathy Dalton

Lost my cousin, Logan. He'll be sorely missed. Was able to raise over $1300 to help with Luna's medical bills when she jumped to be with Logan right after his fall.

Eva entered an art contest for the band Guster (whom I love dearly) and won. In return she was awarded an overnighter at the Montage in Park City, as well as tickets for our whole family to attend an outdoor concert of theirs. She was able to bring the winning entry to the lead singer of the band and he was so cute in receiving it.

Started a new blogger education and outreach business with some lovely women. 

Drove to St. George & stayed at the Abbey Inn & Suites to run the Color Me Rad once more - and this time as a whole family.

Raised $1100 for Malaria preventing mosquito nets for Ghana & collected over 300 boxes of Crayola crayons for kids in the villages there.

Kept up with my mommy-ing.

Not too shabby, right?

Happy New Year - may 2013 be the best one yet.


  1. You are awesome!! :)

  2. Ummm, you made my 2012 look like I sat on my backside watching TV every day! Definitely an over-achiever! :)

  3. Hi, you're too cool for school. Let me please be more like you?