Cupcakes, Concerts, and a Local Cafe

I ended up in just the right place at just the right time in early summer of 2011 and was lucky enough to spend the first Friday of every month supporting The Rooftop Concert Series in Provo, Utah. Those that know me truly know my endless weakness for two things... outdoor markets and outdoor music. These monthly events (June through October) satiated both of those guilty pleasures of mine.

While I do have some background in rock band management, my support to the concert series was primary provided through cupcakes sales (like those seen above) at the little market adjacent to the rooftop. In this time frame I was lucky enough to meet and get to know the owners of Station 22 Cafe.

As they describe themselves, I've found they truly do exactly what they claim to do by digging, "way down deep into our American roots to bring you fresh, reinvented versions of family recipes, classic dishes and some new flavors you never imagined."

I've always partial to the restaurants and cafes where you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like. With a friendly but sophisticated atmosphere, you could easily host a business luncheon or even bring the little ones in for dinner.

I need to be honest at this point. I can't even put together comprehensive thoughts or feelings about how much I like this place, mainly because of their giant basket of famous fries.... (beer battered, thick cut, fry sauce to die for all for $4.50). I can't really get past that to tell you about all the other unique homestyle food they have to offer. Take a gander at their menu and you can see for yourself.

The next time you need a mini-vacation in Provo, Utah, pay this place a visit. You can thank me later.

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  1. Mmmmm Station 22. And the fries! I don't think I can ever go there without you. That place is a winner.