Thirty Three.

I turn 33 tomorrow.

Each year I wonder when I'm going to start caring about getting older. Meh. So far, it isn't phasing me.

The photo you see below I have on my fridge. It's much much smaller in real life and was printed in one of those old photo booths that are making a comeback. While very hazy, I still remember sitting in the booth with my mom and snapping the pictures - and mostly, I remember that haircut. Why mom, why.... whyyyyyyyyyy....

This picture would be 28 years old. It's amazing to me that this tiny 2" X 2" photo has survived almost three decades. What I love about it even more is that I imagine it wasn't taken as a keepsake that we'd hang on to forever.

Today I've been reminiscing on past birthdays, and those that were most memorable. Around age 8, my mom had a birthday party for me and all my little friends. She gave each of us a cake and a decorator bag and let us each make our own cake after a small bit of instruction. That's obviously translated for years to come....

At age 16, my mom threw me a very memorable surprise party. She invited all my friends from VA and NC and brought them into the community center in our neighborhood for a party. In order to get me away from the house, she arranged for me to get some glamor shots. Yes, you heard me, glamor shots. Notice the absence of THAT photo.

I'll give you this one instead. Did you know before today that I was an actual pioneer?

You can tell by the neckline of that dress as well as the obvious fact my hair was cut with wooden scissors fashioned out of reeds or something.

Skip ahead a bunch and I had another really cool birthday. To celebrate turning 30, I took 2 friends and my giant 8 month old pregnant self to Vegas. We partied like a bunch of Mormon white chicks do - by tasting Coke products from around the world and seeing the Blue Man Group. Yum. Hardcore.


Then to top off THAT birthday celebration, I had this:

 Not a bad 30th birthday present, right? Good thing she gave me a break and didn't come in Vegas.

Anyway.... if you've been in my life for any or part of these last three + decades, thanks. You've been good to me and I love you. Thirty three will be just fine.


  1. You are so lovely and I love your writing style. Have a lovely day!!

  2. Love the pioneer girl pic. I think beauticians were against our religion in the mid-80s because my haircut was almost identical. And my mom had been to beauty school! Maybe she had to give bad haircuts to stay under the radar.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your birthday and had a great celebration! I will be 32 this year and so far it hasn't phased me....

  4. Looks like you had a pretty great birthday! I am so glad I found your cute blog and can't wait to meet you at Breathing Space!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  5. You're kindof the MOST FUN girl on the planet! I just love you!!!