Hey, you inspire.

It's Tuesday! Do you love Tuesdays like I love Tuesdays? 

I wanted to name my first daughter Tuesday and my husband didn't go for it. It's an under appreciated day of the week that offers a variety of great things. 

Did you know that when new rock albums are released in the US, it's always on a Tuesday? 

Did you also know that I feature inspirational people HERE on Tuesdays?

If you were here last week for my inaugural "Hey, you inspire" feature on Camille Evans, welcome back. If you're new this week, hello. Hope this series is as inspiring to you as it is for me. 

Because Camille was featured last week, she was asked to choose her inspiration for feature #2. Let's go! Here's her choice!

The lovely Amy Sanford.

Camille introduces Amy here:

"I first met Amy at the Casual Blogger's Conference in 2010.  Aside from being immediately struck by her beauty and grace, I found myself drawn to her for several reasons.  First of all, she is warm and friendly and non-judgmental of everybody she meets.  But I was mostly impressed with her passion for her family, and the ability to hold a full-time job and manage that family relationship as well as she does.  And she still took time for others.  I can't count how many times she has reached out to me to check up on me, take me out to lunch, sit down and show me photography tips, and she has come through last minute for me in taking pictures as well.  I've never met anyone as selfless, easy-going, or kind as Amy Sanford.  I believe she really has mastered the Family Trifecta!"

And here Amy indulges me with amazing answers to all of our burning questions:

Give us the basics, where were you born, and where have you lived?  

I was born in Provo, Utah and my parents lived in a small apartment right next to their best friends.  When I was two we moved into a cute split-level home that fit our little family perfectly.  It fit us perfectly - for 28 years!  

I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 21 - which was my first experience living away from home.  My mission was in the early 90's to Kiev Ukraine.  It was such an amazing year and a half - so much so I tried my best to extend my time there, but extending wasn't what the Lord had in mind for me.  I returned home on August 20th, 1994 and started school at BYU soon after. 

It took me years to find the man of my dreams but in September of 2000, I met the "hot guy" from the office.  I dropped my phone, he picked it up and called his phone.  Then minutes after walking away from him, he called me and asked me out.  We were married on May 5th of 2001 and Scott moved in with me (and my parents).  

We lived with my parents for the first 2 years of our marriage, while Scott was in grad school. During this time we welcomed our first daughter.  After his graduation we moved to Louisville, Kentucky. We spent a couple of great years there and from there, spent less than a year in Dearborn, Michigan.

While in Dearborn, our 2nd little girl was born.  In June we moved to Utah - where we have been ever since! 

If you had to summarize your childhood in 3 words, what would they be? 

Loving, Hiking, and Happy

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I always wanted to be a nurse.  Whenever anyone in our family was sick, I'd be the one to jump at taking care of them.  But then in high school I learned about Forensic Psychology and I REALLY wanted to do that.  While I was studying psychology at BYU I still wanted that career but I also wanted to be a therapist for women and girls that struggled with abuse, rape or eating disorders.  Instead, I got into sales and Account Management.  If I ever have the opportunity to go back to school, I will pursue the therapist route.

Now that you're "grown up," what's your dream job? (you cannot answer "mother" - even if you want to)

A counselor/therapist.

List 5 things you're passionate about.  

Family, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making sure my  girls have every opportunity they deserve, photography and making memories with my family.

How are you different now than you were 5 years ago?  

5 years ago I was dealing with a lot of life changes and a career that was taking way too much of my time.  Today I have found a better work balance (even though it means I am not leaving as big of an impression on my work I am leaving a better impression on my girls).  

What piece of advice would you give a 21 year old version of yourself? 

I would tell myself to spend more time with my family and more time making choices that make me a better person in the long run.  When we are young we tend to make the choice that promises the most fun not the choice that makes us better, happier and stronger.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?  

Hmm, just one?  I would change my self-esteem.  So many girls and women struggle with self confidence - I would bet most of us have that unnecessary struggle. 

If you could have one super-power, what would you choose?  

I would love to have the power to see the world through others eyes.  I'd love the insight into people and relationships that it would provide.  If I had that power I'd be able to really help people in the ways that they really need the help.

Share with us a secret or lesser-known talent or skill you have. 

 I'll tell you a talent that I don't have, despite years of practice and lessons. :)  Piano is something I studied for many years and learned, while on my mission, that I was really NOT good at it.  I'd be asked to play for church and every time I would start to play, the congregation would stop singing and tell me that they could do it a cappella better than with my accompaniment.  

Share with us a quote that inspires, motivates, or moves you. 

This past Christmas, my sister-in-law (who just recently lost her 2 year battle with cancer) gave each of us a canvas of  "Keep Calm and Carry On".  It hangs in our family room where we can see it every day.  And I have to say, it isn't always easy to follow but truly is such an important message.

If you're moved by Amy and want to stalk her online, the best places to find her are on Instagram as FamilyTrifecta, on Twitter via @familytrifecta, and on her blog (which doesn't get updated as often as she would like) via The Family Trifecta

Lastly, Amy is inspired by Heidi Larsen at Foodie Crush who will be featured here next week. 

See you again then - or sooner!


  1. Amy's so lovely. I admire her sincerity and genuine interest in those who cross her path.

  2. Isn't she great?! She creates amazing moments and then captures them with her photography! great feature!

  3. She is one of the most gracefully confident women I have ever her!!

  4. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I once had a cat named Tuesday. Beautiful pictures BTW!

  5. Amy is a delightful and inspiring woman.

  6. How fun! I, too, am a fan of Tuesday's! Tuesday would have been a cute name for your 'lil girl :) Hope to see you at this week's Link'N Blogs, too!
    Bloggy Love,
    Dawn @ With a Side of Thriftiness

  7. She sounds like an amazing woman! Thanks for linking up with Link'n Blogs! Hope to see you back today!